M & R Status




    School Maintenance Repair Status Form Region : Pune

School State : Maharashtra

School Name : Sangli

Age of JNV : Above 15 years



Annual Financial Limit in lacs : 10


Additional Financial Limit in lacs : 0


Amount Received from RO : 10 Lacs


Amount Utilized by JNV : 6.95 Lacs



Sr. No.




1)  Replacing the electrical and plumbing material.

2)  Replacement of Window glass panes of dormitories & School building.

3)  Colour & Painting work for School building & Staff Quarters.

4)  Purchase of M&R material for day to day work.

6.95 lacs

 a) The estimates for Rs. 22,70,800/- & Rs. 48,19,600/- for fixing of wire mesh shutters to door & windows to prevent mosquitoes entry in the buildings i.e. in 05 dormitories and 16 Nos. of Type III staff quarters and 06 Nos. of Type I quarters has been taken from CPWD, Goa and forwarded to NVS, RO, Pune on 04.06.2014 for A/A & E/S (Sanction is awaited). Requested to accord A/A & E/S soon & is once again submitted to G.M. (Const.), NVS, Hqrs. Noida on 06.9.2018 for A/A & E/S.

b) Rs. 5,25,000/- sanctioned by NVS, RO, Pune vide letter no. F.8-45(PHS)/Sanction/NVS(PR)/2016-17/4390, dated 13.01.2017 for construction of Ramps / Slopes and toilets for Physically handicapped students at JNV Palus, Dist. Sangli (MS) & work in completed. The handing / taking over process is awaited. 


Estimate submitted by CPWD (Elect.), Pune, it needs to be forwarded to NVS, Hqrs. Noida for A/A/ & E/A soon. 

1)   Estimates for Rs. 9,42,195/- for Replacement of conventional street light fittings with energy efficient LED fittings at JNV Palus, Dist. Sangli.


2)   Estimates for Rs. 22,66,176/- for Renovation of IEI & Fans of Staff quarter at JNV Palus, Dist. Sangli.

Estimate Sanctioned by NVS, Hqrs. Noida & NVS, RO, Pune

1)   Estimate for Rs. 2,25,402/ - sanctioned for Special repair of DP structure along with switch gears at JNV Palus, Dist. Sangli.

2)   Estimate for Rs. 4.5 lacs sanctioned for Special repair work of fixation of ceiling fans & other electrical works.